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Never mind the weather

The weather is what makes Ireland what it is, yet you are never far from a comment about the weather. If the sun comes out then a comment on how good the weather is is understandable. The more likely dreary weather also warrants a comment because everyone, even the locals, think that the weather should be better.

However, whatever the weather, there is always something new and interesting to see. This small country is jam-packed with natural beauty and man-made sites to see. The natural beauty of the country will astound you with more shades of green than you will ever see anywhere else. The sea of green frames the colors of wild flowers like startling yellow of gorse in flower or any of the smaller wild flowers that are plentiful. Never mind the grey skies or the frequent light mist of rain, these provide the light-box that makes Ireland unique.

In addition to the flora there is the rugged natural coastline with it’s timeless beauty and the rolling hills or the moon-like terrain of the Burren. When you are ready to give your senses a break there are the historic sites of ancient Ireland which is steeped in myth and legend. There is a stone to kiss in Blarney, pubs to visit everywhere, castles, block-houses and history wherever you go.

Once you have kissed the stone, I am sure you too will have lots to say about the weather.

So never mind the weather. It is so much a part of Ireland that it makes Ireland what it is. Tour Ireland with Emerald Irish Tours and we will keep you dry, unless of course you would like to enjoy one of our hiking tours where you will experience Ireland and the natural beauty that is Ireland in the way that it was always meant to be.

Sculpted by the weather. The Burren’s Karst topography is a Landscape formed from the dissolution of soluble rocks


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