I want you to know that my and Michael’s time that was spent with you was one of the most splendidly enjoyable in a very long life.




Our trip to Ireland was made extra special by Carmel and her team. Not only did we enjoy all the personal stories, as well as the historic and social commentaries, but we couldn’t have been happier with the sights and stops that team arranged for us. They seem to know everyone in the country. We learned a lot about Ireland, the culture, history and people, and visited some cute out-of-the-way cafes. It was an outstanding trip. When you arrange to spend four days with someone you don’t know, driving in the confines of a car, it’s easy to fear the worst. We were so glad the Carmel was excellent in every way. In fact in the evenings when we could have done our own thing, we often invited her to join us. Carmel became part of our traveling family. Couldn’t have turned out better.


New York


We spend awesome time in Ireland in Doonbeg on Atlantic Ocean! Good weather, silence, cool excursion with Martina and Carmel at beautiful towns and places of Ireland! We will go there one more time! Отдыхали в Дунбеге всей семьёй. Мы были первыми русскими в этих краях! Понравилось настолько, что полюбили эти места на всю жизнь! В Ирландии очень много интересных мест для туристов. Рекомендуем всем! 

Tatiana, Gregory & Victor

We would highly, highly recommend the Loop Head and Cliff walk tour to anyone who is in Kilkee without transportation. We called on very short notice and they were able to accommodate us. Carmel is a lovely storyteller and a very safe driver. It was worth every penny.

Monica Zorman


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